Dining Chairs and Single Chairs
Victorian Oak “Child’s “Correction” Chair
Reference #: 0619-LS8

This “correction” or “discipline’ chair, with its traditional high straight back and caned seat, is a lovely example of 19th Century child’s furniture designed to give children a rigid place for punishment and to think about what they had done. The original timeout chair! The high seat made it difficult for a naughty boy or girl to get down. Note the sign of use on the worn front stretcher where little feet have impatiently rested over the years.

For today’s more forgiving parent, this special chair just for your child is small enough to accommodate his smaller frame, yet high enough to eliminate the need for a phone book.

Place of Origin: England
Period: 1880
Materials & Techniques: Oak and Cane
  • Width:  13.5"
  • Depth :  14.5"
  • Back Height:  35"
  • Seat Height :  20.5"
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