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Three Antique French Confit Pots
Reference #: 0619-M75

This is a good group of nice larger French confit pots, used in the 19th C, primarily in the south of France, the preservation of meats such as duck or goose for dishes such as cassoulet. The bottom halves were left unglazed, since the pots were half buried in the ground to keep the contents cool and fresh. Today these pots are used for display, and lend our homes warmth and character. The yellow glaze is traditional, and since the pots were utilitarian pieces, glaze drips were not a concern, and now, we find them artistic and desirable. These pots are sometimes used for lamp bases, and look great. The measurements below are for the largest jug. The heights range from 10.5 to 13.5″.

Place of Origin: France
Period: 1880
Materials & Techniques: Glazed Pottery
  • Diameter:  10.5"
  • Height:  13.5"
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