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Collection of Five Toby Jugs, 1880-1940
Reference #: 0618-R7

A colorful collection of five Toby jugs from the English potteries ranging in age. the two earliest, seen in images 2 and 4, are 19th century and unmarked on the bottom. The third, in image 6, depicts the classic pub character Toby Philpott, and is early 20th century from Beswick, the pottery manufacturer. The last two are both early to mid 20th century, and stamped Royal Doulton on the bottom. The smaller of the two is stamped “Happy John”, and the latest, circa 1940, is stamped “Jolly Toby” These Jugs make a highly decorative grouping! Measurement below is for the largest jug.

Place of Origin: England
Period: 1880-1940
Materials & Techniques: Pottery
  • Width:  3.5"
  • Depth:  5"
  • Height:  7"
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