Dining Chairs and Single Chairs
Collection of Eight Early 19th Century Ash and Elm Lancashire Spindleback Chairs
Reference #: 0620-M1

A collection of 8 country spindleback chairs, with nice color and patina. They are very much hand made and are possibly a marriage of two different sets from the same maker. The back heights, seat heights, widths and depths are similar but not identical, as shown in several of the images. However, when put together as a set, the overall look is charming and elegant. The turnings are slightly lighter from use, as is appropriate. Nicely articulated and varied ball feet. Rush seats are in good condition.

The measurements below are average for the collection. Measurements vary chair by chair.

19″ wide (with a range more or less of 1 inch)

15″ deep (with a range more or less of .75 inch)

17″ seat height (with a range more or less of .5 inch) 38.5″

back height (38-39″ range)

Place of Origin: England
Period: 1820
Materials & Techniques: Ash and Elm
  • Width :  19"
  • Depth:  15"
  • Back Height:  38.5"
  • Seat Height:  17"
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