Briggs House Antiques - Antiques For Sale

To find the range of high-quality 17th-20thC antiques that Briggs House Antiques requires to maintain a large top-notch collection, we shop in France, England and Wales throughout the year, and import by container to our location in New York.  We visit our favorite dealers and we also look for new and interesting dealers.  Our goal is to keep Briggs House Antiques fresh and exciting every day.


Each antique we select is beautiful and each offers something special: a gorgeous wood, a fine early carving, a glowing patina, each with the classic country elegance for which Briggs House Antiques is known.  We guarantee that every piece we select will meet our high standards, so it will meet our customers’ needs and standards.

We maintain a large inventory, and we are continually adding antique furniture to our website.  Please call or email with any questions. If you live locally, please come in to see us.  We’d love to meet you!