About Briggs House Antiques

Jennifer Lamb, Manager & Photographer
With a terrific eye and amazing decorating talent, Jennifer is invaluable in discussions with our customers about their needs, whether they come into the store, or reach us by phone or by email. Additionally, Jennifer photographs all Briggs House Antiques, highlighting the fine details of every piece and becoming familiar with each item so she is able to answer any inquiries. Overall, she has an expert knowledge of our business and does a superb job of keeping everything on track.
As the mother of two pre-college students, and all that entails, she is also a brilliant cook, trained at the Culinary Institute of New York.

Jennifer Valentine, Director of Operations
Jennifer is extremely logical and organized, and is very "hands-on", with a clearly thought-out answer to any question. In addition to working with customers on a daily basis, Jennifer tracks our inventory, customers and their purchases. She is also in charge of all aspects of the BriggsHouse.com daily operations. 
She knows all the ins-and-outs of our store and online businesses; Briggs House Antiques, FindAntiqueFarmTables.com & ImportedAntiques.com.
When away from work, Jennifer tends to her family and her darling daughter, Malee, and keeps up with all the most recent home design trends.

Loraine Bauchmann, Proprietor 
With a designer background, Loraine has a great eye and an innovative style. After twenty-five years of developing and extending Briggs House Antiques, she remains energized and excited.

We are found one-half hour north of New York City, and we'd love to see you!